3D Visualization and presentation

We provide a 3D Visualizations Service and Software Solution. Including and  maintaining a Library with the needed 3D models and the Support for each Project.

There are 3 tiers to the landscape of the 3D visualization which will be offered in three different quality levels as follows. Basic, Medium and High End. Each level gives a higher detail of the environment and the surrounding.

  • The basic Level will provide you with a simple 3D model which gives the Costumer a feeling for the dimensions and the locations of the planned constructions of high voltage overhead power lines and the high voltage underground lines. The Urban areas are going to be recreated as a cubic mass model.
  • The Medium Level will be more detailed and defines the topography as well as the vegetation and urbanized areas. Through the higher detail, the customer will be able to relate even more to their Location and the objects of interest. The urban areas will be adaptively recreated as the provided data are defining them.
  • The High-End Level is the most advanced version of our Service. High detailed areas including the vegetation, topography, streets, landmarks (important trees, towers, special buildings, etc., ….).
    The urban area will be built up as much as the provided scans (Orthophoto) are allowing it. The houses directly to the line will have a higher degree of detail than the building further away from the planning relevant area.