110kV Lines
We have worked on approximately 150 km of 110 kV transmission lines on the following tasks:
Profile plans
Overview plans
Site plans
Route Plans
Access roads and work areas
Special plans for owners
Vegetation plans
Crossing books
Calculation and Technical planning
Engineering support
Crossing objects
380kV Lines
We have worked on a total of approximately 100 km of 380 kV transmission lines on the following tasks:
Create Profile plans
Site Plans
Access road and work areas
Engineering support
FM Profile work
FM Profile
  • Overview plans. They are based on topographical maps with a scale of 1:25000 and serve to represent the line corridor and the political limits.
  • Site plans. They are represented in a scale of 1:2000 and are established based on the cadastre systems. The plans contain the political limits and the crossing objects with additional information like the operator of the lines or supply companies, for example.
  • Profile plans. They contain all parameters and relevant data for the design, construction and operation of the line in a scale of 1:200 or 1:500 at the vertical and 1:2000 to 1:5000 at the horizontal coordinates adjusted to the scale of the site plan. They present the tower spotting and the clearances to terrain and to crossing objects.
  • Access roads & work areas plans. They show the access roads to the tower sites and the work areas.
  • Special plans for owners. They represent the part of the plot tangled by the transmission line and they are used as a basis for compensation of landowners concerned by an overhead line.
  • Crossing objects
    Overhead lines
    Low-, mid- and high-tension power lines
    Gas pipelines
    Telecommunications lines
    Water and Wastewater lines
    Optical fibre lines
    Microwave links
  • Protected areas
    Nature reserves
    Flora and fauna protection
    Protected landscapes
    Protection of historical monuments
    Bird reserves
    Water protection areas
    Flood areas
    Areas of outstanding natural beauty
    Hazardous waste
  • Vegetation plans. Laser data and critical areas of vegetation.
  • Special plans (Route maps). In these plans the classified and unclassified roads are shown in the corridor of the line.