Wide range of services for Making Your projects meet your clients' requirements.

Wide range of services for Making Your projects meet your clients' requirements.

  • Rough/Fine stake out
    On-site marking of the planned route

  • Design surveying
    Terrestrial surveying services for the calculation of a digital terrain model

  • As-built surveys
    Recording of the actual situation according to the position and height. Surveying of utility installations

  • Digitale Bearbeitung mit GIS und CAD
    Processing of the measured data with GIS and CAD
  • Investigation and description of optimal transport routes for heavy vehicles

  • Preparation and evaluation of planning information requests

  • Preparation of crossings documentation
  • Feasibility studies
    Evaluation of the optimal route, comparison of variants/cost estimation and preliminary coordination with public institutions.

  • New construction Lines
    Calculation and planning of the overhead line, including the preparation of the documents for the planning approval procedure

  • Planning of replacement new construction
    Optimization of the existing line after the improvement in the towers’ height, span lengths and number of systems

  • By-pass planning
    Planning of cable and temporary overhead lines to ensure the energy supply during new construction. Evaluation of the optimal route and distribution of the temporary towers
  • Planning for dismantling
    Planning of access routes, dismantling areas, storage area and necessary protective measures (protective scaffolds, grinding scaffolds, etc.)

  • Revision
    Check of the existing status of the overhead line (lengths, minimum distances, etc.) for further measures: Chain replacement, rewiring, etc.

  • Execution planning
    Execution, detail and construction drawings to the required level of detail

  • Mechanical calculation of conductors
    Calculation of phase’s distances, determination of conductor sags, ground distances as well as horizontal, vertical and direct distances to external objects/crossings


  • Determination of cable route
    Implementation of cable routes, from dead end tower to generation plants and substations

  • Identification and consideration of external pipelines, landscape and soil properties
    Dimensioning of underground cable systems in compliance with customer requirements and technical specifications

  • Creation of the technical plan
    Creation of overview plans, site plans, profile plans and cross-section plans

  • Implementation planning
    Execution plans, detailed and construction drawings in the required scope and level of detail
  • Inventory control
  • As built documentation
  • Data analysis

  • Data input and maintenance

  • Lease and surface area management
  • 2- and 3D rendering of overhead transmission lines
  • Preparation of legal acquisition plans

  • Documentation of entries in client-specific databases

  • Negotiations on temporary claims related to areas of use

  • Participation in events to inform citizens
  • Terrestrial survey with total station and GPS 
  • Drones for Photogrammetry, tower and conductor rope control
  • Satellite data for feasibility studies
  • Consulting 
  • Route inspection 
  • Route planning
  • Cost estimation
  • Feasibility report
  • Tender documents management
  • Consulting
  • Pre-planning with variants comparison
  • Detail planning
  • Tower spotting with FM-Profil and PLS-CADD
  • Creation of all necessary planning documents in 2D and 3D
  • Inventory control
  • As built documentation
  • Geodata management with various GIS systems
    – in the planning
    – in plan creation
    – in the properties
    – in analytics
  • 2D and 3D rendering of the planned project for communication
  • 3D animations for planned projects
  • Creation of a route concept
    – for all construction machines and material deliveries
    – Path construction and / or path reinforcement, securing
    – Route documentation / Condition determination
    – Obtaining permits for road use
  • Review of planning for feasibility
  • Creation of crane lifting plans

Málaga TechPark
Calle Marie Curie 4-D9
29590  Málaga,  Spain
(+34) 951 175 122

In process of certification
ISO 9001 and 14001

Málaga TechPark
Calle Marie Curie 4-D9
29590  Málaga,  Spain

(+34) 951 17 51 22

In process of certification
ISO 9001 and 14001

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